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SUNDAY 2nd JULY 2023 | 2pm MATINEE | Carnegie Hall, NYC

All Indian Dance Festival

Three Aksha Presents

Celebrating Classical Dance Styles From Across India

SUNDAY 2nd JULY 2023 | 2pm MATINEE | Carnegie Hall, NYC

Three Aksha Mission: 

Three Aksha’s purpose is to preserve the culture and heritage thousands of miles away from India by educating the community about the rich cultural art forms of India, through energetic and powerful educational workshops, lecture demonstrations, productions and groundbreaking cross-cultural collaborations. 

Three Aksha is a non-profit, tax-exempt cultural organization. It serves the role of reconnecting audiences already familiar with classical Indian, folk dance and culture, as well as introducing the art form to new audiences. We educate youth to exemplify holistic knowledge, inspire critical thinking, possess dynamic and expressive skills and become global citizens. 

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